Weight bearing in 3-Dimensions

LineUP is a versatile 3D CT scanner that images lower extremities including the knee, foot and ankle with ease, facilitating faster treatment planning, increased case acceptance and improved patient satisfaction.

Boasting a compact footprint, easy-to-use controls and self-shielding technology which is perfectly suited to either point-of-care or specialist referral treatment for a true point of difference, LineUp seamlessly integrates into practice workflow and delivers high-resolution 3D scans, multi-planar slices and X-Ray views instantly for specialist analysis.

“Weight bearing CT of the joints can provide important new clinical information in musculoskeletal radiology.”

Tuomeninin et al, American Journal of Roentgenology

While a conventional medical CT (MDCT) will provide 3D bone detail, the patient is supine during the exam, so alignment-dependent conditions cannot be appreciated.

WBCT allows more suitable and reliable assessment of anatomy, closer to the demands of normal gait.

In pre-surgical planning, specialists can measure relevant angles in three dimensions. In post-surgical assessment, specialists can perform a functional and anatomically correct assessment of the correction performed.


Compact to fit anywhere

  • 125cm x 170cm footprint
  • Self-shielded

Quick scan times

  • Less than 30 seconds per scan

Multi-extremity Capabilities

  • Positioning accessory facilitates comfortable upper extremity scanning if required

Easy to use

  • Designed for easy entry & positioning with straight-forward kVp choices & fixed mA
  • CubeVue custom software: Specialist, easy-to-use software made specifically for extremity imaging

Ultra Low Dose

  • Radiation dose to the patient is significantly lower than a supine CT


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