Belmont Eurus Swivel Chair


Eurus Swivel Chair allows patients to enter and exit the chair with an experience similar to sitting in a home armchair. With the leg rest folded away, dentist and patients can interact more comfortably during face-to-face consultation and treatment procedures that may require direct frontal access, such as in cosmetic and orthodontic dentistry and for assessment of jaw alignment.

  • The chair rotates on its base left-to-right so patients can be repositioned for taking X-rays for treatment procedures. The chair’s small footprint in the upright position requires less space within the surgery.
  • Armrest rotates outward to provide excellent access for patients when entering or exiting the chair. With the chair base bolted to the floor for maximum stability, armrest can provide support for patients when being seated and when getting up from chair.
  • Synchronised shockless movement of the backrest, seat and legrest enhance patient comfort as they are positioned for treatment. As the backrest reclines, the seat tilts backwards and the legrest slides outward to provide support for the patient’s legs.


Headrest Choices The double articulating headrest version of the Eurus Swivel Chair is manually adjustable and provides a wide range of positioning flexibility for superb access to patient maxillary and mandibular arches for examination and treatment. The power headrest version permits hands free positioning of the patient’s head for examination and treatment.

  • Stylish and comfortable
  • Fully adjustable
  • Effortlessly practical
  • Seamless upholstery as standard


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