Introducing the next Level of Weight Bearing CT Imaging

Australian Imaging and CurveBeam are proud to unveil the HiRise, which has the unique capability of scanning the hip and pelvis in a weight bearing position. With the HiRise, radiologists and orthopaedic surgeons can assess alignment of the entire lower extremities in three dimensions. The only weight bearing CT system with scanning capabilities for the entire lower extremities including:

Bilateral weight bearing (lower extremities):

  • Hip/Pelvis
  • Knees
  • Ankle
  • Feet

Non-Weight bearing (upper extremities):

  • Arm
  • Elbow
  • Shoulder


Compact Footprint

  • 147 x 186cm footprint
  • Self-shielded (minimal shielding requirements needed)
  • Accommodates patients up to 205kg

Quick Scan Times

  • 26 – 34 seconds per scan
  • Super fast image acquisition means more patients per day

Multi-Extremity Capabilities

  • Positioning accessory facilitate comfortable upper extremity scanning if required
  • Largest field of view in its class 20 cm X 40 CM
  • Scan up to size 20 (US) shoe

Easy to use

  • Designed for easy entry & positioning with straight-forward kVp choices & fixed mA
  • CubeVue custom software: Specialist, easy-to-use software made specifically for extremity imaging

Ultra low dose

  • Radiation dose to the patient is significantly lower than a traditional CT


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