• The PHOT-xIIs produces superb radiographic images and minimises patient exposure to radiation. Its sleek, aesthetic design makes it a natural choice for any dental operation, and its touchscreen LCD screen ensures easy use.
  • Intuitive and easy selection
  • Customizable LCD Display view
  • Zero-Drift Balance Arm
  • Simple, intuitive Controls and Operation
  • Completely Customizable
  • Digital and Film Compatible


Intuitive and easy selection 

Check the radiation dose of each patient. Reset the sum by keeping touch the sum number. Intuitive and easy selection of tooth type, cone type, film / digital modes, film speed, kV, mA and patients size.

Customizable LCD display view 

LCD display view can be customized for operator preference. Built-in USB side port enables operators to import personalized screen saver photographic images or dental practice / doctor’s name for practice identification and branding.

Zero-Drift Balance Arm

Lightweight, ergonomically contoured X-Ray head is easily positioned for perfect positioning every time.

Simple, Intuitive Controls and Operation

Subcontrol allows operator to control all aspects with a simple touch. Radiation Dose may be viewed on the display with the press of a button.

36 exposure settings including Adult / Adolescent and Child presets with manual override functionality.

Completely Customizable

60-70kVp Selectable Tube Potential, 3-6mA Selectable Tube Current, 4 Arm lengths to match X-ray reach requirements, Wall Mount, Cabinet Mount or Optional Pass-Thru Mount, Cone length options, Retrospective-fitting options and more make the Phot-X IIs the most flexible intra-oral X-ray in your office.

Digital and Film Compatible

Stick with your existing film workflow, or use the Phot-X IIs with BelSensor GOLD Digital Sensors to accelerate your practice into a Digital workflow.


Selectable kV 60-70 kV
Focal Spot 0.4 mm (IEC60336)
Voltage 230V
Rated Line Current 10A at 70kV, 6 mA
Exposure Time 0.01 – 2.0 Seconds
Min. Filtration in useful Beam 2.0 mm AI Equivalent at 70kV
Selectable mA 3mA / 6mA
Source to Skin Distance (SSD) Standard Cone: 8″
Optional Long Cone: 12″
Additional Options Pass-Thru Plate for 4×4 stud mounting
Coiled wire remote switch
Long 12″ Cone


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