The most comprehensive 3-in-1 for the entire Maxillofacial region.

The ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH™ OP 3D Pro, by DEXIS™, crystallizes the 50-year heritage of a legendary product family. It uses the latest in 3D and 2D technologies, for your benefit. The modern 3-in-1 platform’s flawless design and versatility set the benchmark for whole maxillofacial imaging.

  • 3-in-1 platform delivers high-quality images
  • Versatile selection of volumes and resolutions
  • Automatic dose control (ADC) technology with 3DSMARTVIEW™ feature for accurate FOV positioning
  • Free FOV positioning in horizontal and vertical directions
  • Metal Artifact Reduction (MAR) tool
  • Large, easy-to-use 10-inch user interface enables efficient usage
  • Intuitive patient positioning
  • Designed to be upgradeable and expandable with a cephalometric option available


Excellent image quality for every patient

Carefully planned features and FOV specifically optimized imaging parameters, together with the advanced ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH technology, make OP 3D Pro the ideal tool for all dental imaging needs and the most comprehensive 3-in-1 platform for demanding professionals.

Versatile, optimized software enables efficient diagnosis, resulting in a fast and effortless workflow for all imaging modalities.

No compromises have been made in any of the many aspects of image quality. Both the volume and the resolution can be selected according to the indication and region of interest. Treatment plans can be made with confidence knowing that OP 3D Pro masters the details.

5 FOVs with precise positioning

Excellent imaging starts with accurate patient positioning. Patient positioning is intuitive and precise. Imaging modality and exposure values are smoothly set with the large 10″ user interface.

With OP 3D Pro there is no need to compromise with FOV positioning. Horizontally, FOV can be positioned freely from the user interface. Vertically, free FOV positioning is achieved by motorized movements of the chinrest. For precise positioning that eliminates the risk of retake exposures, the OP 3D Pro can take a two-dimensional SMARTVIEW scout image before the CBCT examination. From the scout image the position of the volume can be verified or corrected if needed.

Upgradeable platform

The OP 3D Pro units are designed as expandable platforms, with a cephalometric option available. Cephalometric can be left- or right-sided to ensure optimal system performance and ease of use and is field upgradeable. Unit handedness also can be changed in the field.

Automatic Dose Control (ADC)

With OP 3D Pro, proprietary ADC technology automatically regulates panoramic exposure levels for each patient. It optimizes the dosage during every acquisition patient-specifically. ADC enhances the workflow efficiency because there is no need to select the exposure values manually.

Resolution for each indication

  • Low Dose Technology (LDT) can be used in dose sensitive cases and control or follow-up situations where maximum resolution is not required.
  • Standard resolution scan takes only 10 seconds with exposure time only 2.3 seconds with optimized patient dose.
  • High resolution scan offers extremely sharp images for more detailed diagnosis.
    Endo resolution scan is available with smallest FOV featuring 85 μm voxel size and MAR. Endo scan is tool designed for endodontic as well as other applications where extreme accuracy is required.

Metal Artifact Reduction (MAR) tool

For implant or endodontic cases where metal artifacts are present, the metal artifact reduction tool (MAR) can be used for optimized images.


A two-dimensional scout image can be taken before CBCT examination to adjust the target position visually from GUI screen. This guarantees precise positioning and eliminates risk of retake exposures.

Free Field-of-View positioning

With the OP 3D Pro, exposing a larger area than necessary in order to examine the area-of-interest is not a concern. The FOV location with all available FOVs can be positioned freely in both horizontal and vertical directions, with ease — offering the control needed to get the right image and assisting in limiting exposure to the patients.


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