The Inspire Camera features Macro to Infinity, Caries Detection and a whole lot more!

The only true 4 in 1: macro to infinity, whole mouth and caries detection, all in one device, with streamlined integration with your imaging and PMS software.
There has never been a better all-encompassing device that helps you detect, communicate, and validate treatment with your patients.


  • Multi Function
    Camera provides more than 1 way to detect intraoral diseases
    4 in 1 feature: Dental camera (macro, infinity, whole mouth), Transillumination, and Flourescent technology all in one device.
  • Seamless treatment
    User can use all the device functions of an intraoral camera, transillumination, and flourescent seamlessly by simple key press without stopping treatment.
  • Able to select appropriate disease detection mode
    User can take a single image or multiple once depended upon the mode they choose.
  • Image Quality
    Macro to infinity
    Camera is able to focus from macro mode (close) to infinity that includes a full arch and face shot.
  • Auto-focus
    Camera is able to focus in any position not only inside of oral cavity but also full arch and face
  • FHD image support
    The device shows FHD (1080p) in live image supported by a 5M sensor.
  • Black&White function
    Capture and save X-ray film image to PC
  • Ergonomic Design
    Dental handpiece design for the ultimate in familiarity and ergonomics
    Most familiar design for dentists.
  • Metal body case for strength and durability.
  • Slim head size
  • Retraction head design
  • Dual capture buttons
    Capture buttons are placed on the top and bottom side of camera to make for an easy capture in any position
  • LED indicators
    LED indicators show the device status and mode.
  • Convenience
    Mouse function
    Built-in mouse function for user convenience.
  • Zoom function
  • Software compatibility
    Able to be used with almost any dental imaging software in the market – natively or via TWAIN.
  • Detachable USB cable
    Detachable USB cable makes it easy to move the camera to other dental chairs.


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